Zbrush Live Sculpt-off 2016

I had the chance to participate at the Zbrush Sculpt-Off 2016. We had 3 hours to create from scratch a bust in zbrush and make a final picture in Keyshot/Photoshop. I meet some of the best artist in the industry and it was such a great experience.

The Theme was : "The world has fell into a global catastrophe invoking an AI takeover and a disfiguring chemical release. Society order has completely fallen apart and the world has reverted to nomadic times. These nomadic groups consisting of both man and machines are in a constant state of conflict over simple necessities of life."
I wanted to focus on the nomadic part of it, and took reference on some African nomadic tribes.

I had a major computer crash and had to redo my model from scratch. It was hard to take, but at the end I had enough energy to finished it, the event was a lots of fun and I meet a lots of epic artists :)